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Monday, October 02, 2006

Black baby gate

Our ginormous playroom gate is a Kidco Hearthgate, just Google those words and you'll find a whole bunch of online stores selling it. It fits all the way across our room to divide the playroom (shown here in progress) from the living room.

What we love about this gate:
- It's black!
- Made of solid, sturdy, coated, smooth metal
- Spans a HUGE opening and you can also buy extensions (we bought one)
- Has a little baby-proof door in it so we can easily step through
- Can set it up in a straight line, curved line, or any zig-zagged or any bent configuration
- Comes with a kit to bolt it directly to the wall on both sides

1 comment:

trying4two99 said...

We have a white one and use it for our dogs (our special children).. lol Totally LOVE It!! Well worth the monies paid for it too!