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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Camera instructions in Chinese (for care package)

These instuctions are written in Chinese and English. To print a copy, just click on the image at left, then choose "File" and "Print" from the top of your browser window. Include this printout along with a disposable camera in the care package you send to the orphanage so they can take pictures of your angel for you. Thanks to Donna and Doris for sending me these instructions.

Stacey Teague had 2 more great suggestions for the disposable camera that I wouldn't have thought of:
1. Take the camera out of its packaging and tape a photocopy of your child's name right onto the back of the camera.
2. Use the first shot of the disposable camera to take a picture of a sheet of paper with your name and address. Just in case your camera is sent back to the wrong family, they'll mail it to you.

1 comment:

Lynette said...

Great advice! Even though we are just at the beginning of all of this (pre-home-study paper work phase, with Holt Int'l) I am trying to glean all the knowledge I can from those who have been through the process already. Thank you for sharing.