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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Packing list for China

Our China packing list is now a masterpiece (haha). To print out a copy just click on each of the 4 pages below and print them (file/print from the top of your browser window).


Anonymous said...


We just sent in our LOI for a 21-month-old SN girl in Chongqing and hope to travel by the end of the year, beginning of next. Do you have any post-travel thoughts on your list? Wish you brought something you didn't? Bring too much? Did you use a laundry service in China?

Thanks for any tips.


trying4two99 said...

OMG, i didn't realize you needed to take so much when you travel to China.. Holy Cow!

The Cloutiers said...

I was recommended to check out your site as we just received our referal for twin boys!

In your packing list, the amounts of clothes... that is for one baby, right? Did you double everything?

Thank you for sharing your experience and this packing list is awesome!

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated as we are new to parenthood!